The 9 Best Podcasts to Learn and Practice Italian

Whether you’re visiting Italy on vacation or want to be able to communicate with your grandmother, learning Italian is a great idea.

It’ll give you a deeper understanding of the culture and history of this beautiful country, allow you to read literature written in Italian, and even help you learn about other cultures that use the language.

While there are many different ways to start learning Italian, we’ve narrowed it down for you here.

These 9 podcasts will get your feet wet with this lovely language! Here are our top picks:

1) Coffee Break Italian

Coffee Break Italian is a podcast series that teaches you Italian through everyday conversations. The course consists of 80 episodes, each focusing on a different theme, such as “shopping” or “meetings.”

The course is designed for beginners who want to learn conversational Italian as quickly and efficiently as possible, so it’s perfect if you start out with Italian language learning!

The Coffee Break series offers more than just audio lessons. Transcripts make it possible to read the podcast while listening, enhancing your understanding of what is being discussed.

These transcripts also feature easy-to-understand grammar notes to help explain any complicated points in each lesson.

2) Italy Made Easy

Italy Made Easy is a podcast designed for intermediate and advanced learners of Italian. It’s a great way to improve your listening skills and get fresh ideas for your Italian learning.

The podcast is hosted by Manu Venditti and is part of his Italian learning course “Italian Made Easy.” Manu is an experienced Italian teacher who has been living in Italy for many years.

In this podcast, he talks about all the aspects of Italian culture and language, from life in Italy to basic grammar rules and vocabulary building.

The show is based mainly on current affairs and culture, with a good dose of humor. The episodes are short, easy to listen to, and perfect for commuting or other time constraints.

3) Italiano Automatico Podcast

If you want to learn Italian but don’t have the time or patience for an immersive experience, Italiano Automatico offers the best of both worlds.

This podcast is aimed at intermediate learners and above who already know the basics of Italian grammar but want a fun way to expand their vocabulary and get some fascinating cultural insights.

The host, Alberto Arrighini, is an Italian native who teaches Italian in the US and has a great sense of humor. The episodes are short and sweet, usually no longer than 10 minutes.

Each podcast is structured similarly: Alberto introduces a topic, gives an overview of the language and culture he’s talking about (usually with some jokes thrown in), then plays a short recording of himself speaking Italian. You can also download transcripts for each episode if you want extra practice.

4) Italian Podcast for Beginners

The Italian Podcast for Beginners is a free podcast you can listen to on your commute, while running errands, or even while doing the dishes. Each episode covers a specific topic and is taught in English and Italian.

The episodes range from basic vocabulary (like what time it is) to more advanced topics (such as irregular verbs). You’ll learn about different aspects of life in Italy, such as food, culture, history, and other practical matters.

It’s easy to follow along as each word and phrase are repeated at least twice in English before being translated into Italian. This makes it very accessible for beginners who need extra help comprehending new words or phrases without sounding too condescending.

The host’s explanation of the rules is clear and well-paced, which makes it easy for beginners to digest without sounding boring or condescending.

5) News in Slow Italian

News in Slow Italian is an excellent podcast for beginners, and it’s the perfect place to start if you’re learning the basics of Italian.

The host, Stefano Lodola, breaks down news stories into their most basic forms and explains them leisurely so that even a beginner can understand them.

You’ll learn about Italian politics, culture, and society, as well as valuable phrases like how to order food in restaurants or ask for directions from locals.

This podcast also has a companion website where you can listen to transcripts of each episode, a great way to practice your reading skills!

The podcasts are short. Usually, around 10 minutes long, and new episodes are released every two weeks. You can also listen to the podcast on Spotify and iTunes if you don’t have an Android device.

6) Podcast Italiano

Podcast Italiano is a popular podcast for learning Italian. It is available on iTunes, Google Play Music, and Spotify. The host, Davide, is a native Italian speaker who teaches you to speak the language.

This is suitable for beginners and has over 100 episodes available so far! It has been downloaded more than 10 million times so far!

The podcast is also available on YouTube, where you can watch the host teaching Italian.

As well as being entertaining and educational, it’s also a great way to learn about Italian culture, especially if you are interested in learning more about Italy!

7) Let’s Speak Italian!

This podcast is a fun way to learn Italian, and it’s available on iTunes, Google Play Music, and Spotify.

Let’s Speak Italian! is a podcast that will help you learn Italian. It has over 70 episodes, which are perfect for beginners.

This podcast is also available on YouTube to watch the host teaching Italian. As well as being entertaining and educational, it’s also a great way to learn about Italian culture, especially if you are interested in learning more about Italy!

8) Learn Italian with Lucrezia

This podcast is ideal for beginners and intermediate learners. It has a conversational style, so it feels more like you’re listening to an actual conversation than learning from a textbook or audiobook.

The host, who teaches you how to speak Italian, is friendly and enthusiastic about the language and its culture.

You can read the transcripts of each lesson on the website and follow along with the audio.

The podcast is very accurate in its expression and can be used as a reference for learners who want to know how native speakers speak.

It also has a section where you can submit questions to the host, who will answer them in future episodes.

9) Easy Italian

If you’re a beginner, Easy Italian is a podcast for you. It has an excellent free trial and is available on Spotify, iTunes, and Stitcher.

There are also forums to help you get more out of the show.

The hosts, Matteo and Raffaele, speak slowly and clearly. He explains grammatical concepts in a way that’s easy to understand and will help you learn Italian quickly.

What is the most effective way to learn Italian?

The most effective way to learn Italian is to speak Italian. Not only will you be able to practice speaking with native speakers, but you’ll also be able to hear how your speech sounds in comparison.

I know it’s tempting to only focus on one thing at a time, but when it comes down to it, the earlier you start learning all four languages reading, writing, listening, and speaking, the easier it will be for your brain and body!

Studies have shown that learning a language from birth is more straightforward than learning it later.

This is because babies have more brain plasticity and can develop their minds faster than adults. However, you don’t need to be a baby to learn Italian!

Ensure you’re doing all four things: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

How can I learn Italian fast and fluently?

Learning a language can be challenging. It takes time and effort, but with persistence and discipline, you can learn Italian well enough to converse with native speakers in no time.

Here are some tips for how you can make the most of your efforts:

  • Use a combination of different learning methods. Even if one way doesn’t work for you, it’s better than not trying anything! Try out new learning techniques from time to time to find out what works best for YOU!
  • Practice speaking Italian with native speakers whenever possible. There’s no substitute for real-world practice. You’ll learn new words faster than if you listen or read them repeatedly!
  • Listen to Italian music and watch Italian movies on Netflix or YouTube with subtitles in English (or another language) to provide context clues beyond merely understanding what people are talking about – this will help build vocabulary even faster!!
  • Make sure you’re using suitable learning materials.

If you’re using a textbook or app that doesn’t feel natural, it’s easy to get bored and lose interest in learning. Try out some different resources and see what works best for YOU!

Can I learn Italian on Spotify?

Yes, you can! Spotify has several language courses available for streaming in its catalog. The service offers courses in over 30 languages, including Portuguese, German, and Chinese.

Once you’ve downloaded the app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store (or whatever equivalent your preferred operating system has), it’s easy to get started with a free trial, which gives access to these language lessons.

Once you’ve completed your trial period and paid for membership (£9.99 per month), you’ll have access to hundreds of hours worth of lessons covering everything from basic vocabulary through intermediate conversation skills up to advanced grammar concepts like subjunctive verb forms and relative pronouns.


This post is meant to be a resource for anyone who wants to start learning Italian.

We listed our nine favorite podcasts that cover all aspects of the language, from grammar and vocabulary building, to get you excited about it in the first place.

We also recommended some online resources if podcasts aren’t your style or if you want something easier than listening directly on your computer or phone.

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