Do Hawaiians hate Tourists? 16 Tips for Enjoying your time in Hawaii

No, Hawaiians don’t hate tourists. In fact, they very much appreciate the economic benefits that tourism brings to their islands.

However, tourists can do a few things to avoid offending or angering the locals. Here are 16 tips for enjoying your time in Hawaii while respecting the local culture.

1) Respect the culture and traditions of Hawaiians.

Respect the culture and traditions of Hawaiians

Don’t ask to take pictures or try any local food without first asking for permission, and don’t touch the art displayed in the museum unless you’re invited to do so.

Also, be aware that some parts of Hawaii celebrate ancient traditions with their own set of rules, such as the Mea’ana festival, which forbids visitors from wearing any materials made of plastic.

2) Don’t assume all Hawaiians look and act like the people in the tourism commercials.

Many Hawaiians actually do not like their culture to be commercialized, and they’d prefer if you stop stereotyping them by only thinking about sunny beaches, palm trees, grass skirts, and ukuleles.

3) Don’t touch Hawaiians without their permission.

Hawaiians are very sensitive about personal space, so you should never touch them or stand too close to them unless they’ve given you explicit permission to do so. Save hugs for your loved ones at home and keep your hands to yourself.

4) Don’t look down on Hawaiians for speaking their own language.

If you’re in Hawaii, the locals expect you to be immersed in Hawaiian culture and learn some of their languages, whether it’s at work or school. Just don’t pick up curse words they use as filler because those are highly offensive to them.

5) Don’t take pictures of Hawaiians without asking their permission first.

They like having their picture taken, but only if you ask for permission and wait until they give you a clear indication that they’re ready for the photo before snapping it.

They also get annoyed by tourists who rush them to pose for the picture as fast as possible.

6) Don’t assume Hawaiians are rich and famous because they live on an island paradise.

Don't assume Hawaiians are rich and famous

Many Hawaiians are homeless, jobless, or working two jobs just to pay their rent while trying to get ahead in life – so don’t be surprised when you meet a local who isn’t wearing expensive clothing or jewelry.

7) Don’t think that Hawaiians are lazy because they’re sun tanners.

Hawaiians work hard on their plantations, in offices, and on fishing boats – so if you meet someone who looks like they aren’t doing anything, then odds are they need the rest for later after a long hard workday.

8) Don’t complain about the humidity and how hot it is outside if you’re from a cold northern state.

Many local Hawaiians have grown up with warm weather all their life, so they don’t know how to function in any temperature less than 60 degrees Fahrenheit, so try not to complain too much about the weather.

9) Don’t assume that Hawaiians are all fresh off the boat because they don’t have an accent like yours.

Many local Hawaiians have lived on their islands for generations with little or no contact with mainland America, so the way they speak may sound foreign to you, even if it’s just a slight difference in pronunciation.

10) Don’t assume Hawaiians are your servant just because they have darker skin than you do.

Many local Hawaiians will serve as your guide or even hold the door open for you, but that doesn’t mean that they’re working as a tour guide just for you, so always be polite and offer to pay for their services.

11) Don’t think that everyone in Hawaii will be a local Hawaiian when you step foot on the island.

Hawaii is also home to many Asians, Caucasian Americans, and other multicultural people who have visited or lived in Hawaii for work, school, or just to enjoy its beauty from time to time. Always respect others and treat everyone equally.

12) Don’t think that Hawaiians are all beautiful and skinny because they have a tropical island to live on.

Don't think that Hawaiians are all beautiful and skinny because they have a tropical island to live on

Many locals eat junk food due to their busy lives, so you should always try local cuisines when you’re in Hawaii rather than just going for the faster options at McDonald’s or KFC.

Just because someone’s named Kim, Joe, Tom, Mary, etc., doesn’t mean that they’re related to the same family tree as Kim Kardashian or Joe Biden.

14) Don’t think Hawaiians are barbaric or savage because they live in an island paradise with wild animals.

The only wild animal Hawaii has is the mosquito (which isn’t nearly as bad as their mainland counterparts) – so don’t act like every local is trying to hunt you down for food when all they want is to ask you for directions or an autograph.

15) Don’t think that Hawaiians are all geniuses just because they have the luck of living in Hawaii.

Just because someone lives on a beautiful island with warm weather doesn’t mean that they’re automatically smart.

Some locals are actually suffering from brain drain after being forced out of Hawaii by mainland companies for better pay or professional advancement. So don’t expect every local to be a genius just because they live in paradise!

16) Thinking that all Hawaiians are good at hula dancing.

Like any other form of dance, hula takes years of practice to get just right, so don’t assume that every local is good at it because they live in Hawaii.

6 Reasons Hawaiian may Hates You

The Hawaiian culture is a unique and unspoiled tradition that has been around for hundreds of years.

Unfortunately, many people do not realize this and attempt to fully grasp and sometimes even capture the spirit of Hawaii by completely ignoring its true beauty.

For every person who has visited Hawaii with good intentions in mind, two more have come to exploit and manipulate, sometimes even to go as far as disrespecting an entire culture.

Suppose you are a tourist planning a trip to the beautiful islands of Hawaii shortly. In that case, you must read this article all the way through, then promise yourself that you will take everything out of this experience that pertains to the following six reasons why Hawaiians may hate you.

  1. You are more worried about capturing the perfect Instagram picture than you are about respecting their way of life.
  2. You are constantly throwing your trash on the floor because there is no trash can in sight, even though there are plenty of friendly locals willing to take it off your hands.
  3. You are taking up all the parking spaces with your vast tour bus, even though locals have children to get home to.
  4. You are asking the locals for tips on how to be respectful, even though you should know this already, especially since the only Hawaiian you know is Aloha ʻoe (which you use at the end of every sentence.)
  5. You are taking forever to get on the shuttle because you are too busy Instagramming your experience, even though if everyone had gotten out of their tour buses on time, it would have gotten everyone to the destination at least twice as fast.
  6. You are stepping over locals just so you can get a better view at the edge of a cliff, even though it will not be as good as the real thing.

LASTLY: You are treating the local culture as if it were a zoo attraction that you can come to study and observe from afar. They lived here long before tour companies decided to bring hundreds of people to their island every day.


Do Hawaiians do not want visitors?

Tourism is a big industry, bringing in 10 billion dollars per year. All of these people are coming to Hawai’i for vacation, but do Hawaiians hate them?

We cannot say that they all hate tourists because some are extremely happy to have them here. Tourism brings lots of money into the state’s economy, which genuinely helps the Hawaiians. The tax revenue is used for social services, infrastructure, roads, and police services. The locals will appreciate them if they are not too invasive or rude.

Oahu is the most visited island out of all of the islands in Hawaii. It gets up to 10 million people every year visiting here! Many residents complain about how Oahu is becoming crowded with tourists. They are often found littering, stealing public parking spots, and sometimes even harming the residents!

A local resident from Oahu also said that when they go on hikes in the mountains, it seems like every corner or lookout is held by a tourist group or family taking photos of each other.

The real question for Hawaiians is not if they hate tourists but where the line is drawn with all these people. Hawaiians are very proud of their island and culture; they do not want it to be destroyed by these visitors that come into their homes.

What do Hawaiians call tourists?

The word is “haole,” which refers primarily to white people.

Do Hawaii natives like tourists?

It’s a common question asked by tourists who are curious about the experience of traveling in Hawaii. Often, people wonder if it is safe to explore Hawaii, especially out-of-the-way places. Will they be harassed or mistreated?

The answer is “no.” Hawaiians welcome everyone with open arms and smiles on their faces.

Part of the reason Hawaii is so welcoming to visitors is that Hawaii’s economy depends on money brought in by tourists.

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