Do Italians eat Pizza every day? 14 Questions About Pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes globally, but do Italians really eat it? The answer is yes, they do! In fact, Pizza is so famous in Italy that even pizza festivals are held throughout the country.

There are variations of Pizza found all over Italy, from Naples to Milan, and each region has its own unique take on this classic dish.

In this article, I’ll give you my personal take on the subject of Pizza from an Italian perspective. Here are 14 answers about Italian Pizza that you should know:

Why do Italians eat Pizza in First Place?

Why do Italians eat Pizza in First Place

Pizza has become a staple of the Italian diet simply because it’s so easy to make and accessible. It’s also very cheap, especially when compared to dining out at an average restaurant or buying groceries for your meals.

Pizza is so prevalent in Italy because it’s a food that the whole family can enjoy. It’s so versatile that everyone can stuff it with their favorite toppings.

“In my city, a Margherita costs 3.5 Euro, equivalent to 4 dollars.”

I spent four years in Paris, France, and Margherita was 15 Euros, a steal in Europe. I’m sure that American pricing resembles this.

1) How often do Italians Eat Pizza?

Like most other people in Italy, we eat Pizza pretty frequently. Pizza is a staple of the Italian diet, and it’s not unusual for families to eat Pizza at least once a week, often more than that.

Everyday Food

Pizza isn’t just an occasional food here; it’s something you’ll find on restaurant menus every single day. As a matter of fact, Pizza is so famous and readily available in Italy that there really aren’t very many restaurants that don’t serve it.

2) Variations on the Basic Pie

In addition to being served at most Italian restaurants throughout the country, Pizza is also available from convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores, lunch wagons, bars, sidewalk vendors, and even alongside the roads in some small towns.

There are all sorts of varieties of Pizza served in Italy, but there are two common types that you’ll find everywhere: Margherita and marinara.

Pizza Margherita is made with tomato sauce, cheese, basil, and oil.

The other type of pizza marinara is made with the same ingredients, but the sauce used is a slightly different sauce that isn’t quite as sweet. (Marinara sauce: tomatoes, garlic powder, oregano, olive oil)

3) Regional Specialties

There are many other varieties of Pizza in Italy based on various regions’ preferences and available ingredients. Some common regional types include:

  • Pizza ai Quattro formaggi (Pizza with four kinds of cheese) is another famous regional specialty, made elsewhere with different varieties of cheese depending on where you are.
  • Pizza Quattro stagioni (Pizza with four seasons) is a pizza made in Italy with toppings arranged in separate sections, representing four traditional seasons.
  • Pizza porchetta: similar to the regional specialty from Umbria, this Pizza from Rome is topped with sliced pork shoulder and seasoned thoroughly.
  • Pizza con patate: as the name would suggest, it is a Margherita whit fries on top of it.
  • Pizza capricciosa: made with mozzarella, tomato sauce, mushrooms, artichokes, and prosciutto.
  • Pizza boscaiola: with mozzarella, sausage (usually wild boar), ham, pancetta, and mushrooms.
  • Pizza Bianca: This is similar to focaccia, but caraway seeds are often added to the dough for extra flavor. and so on.
  • Pizza ai Frutti di Mare: This is a seafood specialty found in Naples featuring shrimp, mussels, clams, and sometimes squid.

4) What do Italians drink with their Pizza?

In Italy, Pizza is always served with a soft drink. If wine is being done, it’s usually something light like a basic red table wine. A beer bottle would also be appropriate to go along with your meal.

5) Do Italians eat Pizza with their hands?

Yes! Italians eat Pizza with their hands just as you would expect.

6) Pizza with pepperoni is not what you think.

Pizza with pepperoni is not what you think

In the original Italian language, Pepperoni does not refer to a type of meat. It is so weird to us because there is no correlation with the real meaning of Peperoni. (Yes, one P, Peperoni).

The actual name of the American Pizza Pepperoni is Pizza con Salame, or Pizza Alla Diavola when it’s spicy. If you want to order a pizza with pepperoni in Italy, request a Pizza, Alla Diavola.

7) What do Italians think about Americans eating Pizza with a Fork and Knife?

There is nothing wrong with how you eat your Pizza, but traditionally, it’s eaten with the hands in Italy.

8) What type of Pizza is the most popular in Italy?

Although it might be hard to believe, Margherita is actually the most popular kind of Pizza in Italy. As unlikely as it seems for this simple combination of ingredients, it’s a really delicious meal, and people love it!

9) Why do Italian hate pineapple Pizza?

Because it’s heresy against the Italian Pizza! (Italian perspective.)

( No offense to all of you who like this kind of Pizza, but we do not really understand how some ingredients can be put together on a single dish).

Food is important in Italian culture, but it is more than that. Food, like religion, plays a significant role in society.

We are proud people, and we grow with a slogan: Italians do it Better.

Yes, we are simply proud of ourselves, and I can prove how much we are.

Even if I am terrible at cooking, I believe all Italians do it better in the kitchen.

So, there is no other explanation. 🙂

Perhaps we’re a little too competitive, but we’ve got lots of great qualities, don’t worry!

10) Why is Margherita pizza so famous?

It is believed that this Pizza was created to honor the Italian Queen Margarita, or so they say.

The Margherita is always the best test to evaluate a pizza. If the Margherita is excellent, so will other pizzas. If the Margherita isn’t pleasant to eat, there’s no sense in trying other options.

11) What is the difference between pizza cheese and mozzarella cheese?

Pizza cheese is the type of mozzarella used for Pizza. Mozzarella is actually a variety within itself, while Pizza cheese refers to a specific type of mozzarella made in Italy.

12) We love Pizza al taglio.

We love Pizza al taglio

Pizza Al Taglio means “by the cut,” referring to the rectangular shape of this famous street food in Rome. It is effortless to eat because you hold a slice with one hand while the other has a piece of bread or focaccia!

13) What is the best place to eat Pizza in Italy?

Everywhere you go in Italy, there is always a good Pizza! 🙂

Italy has an ancient tradition of making pizzas. Italians know everything there is to know about Pizza, starting from the dough and choosing ingredients that make them unique.

14) Does Pizza have a vital history?

Yes, Pizza has a long and storied history. In fact, the term “pizza” was first documented in Gaeta in 997 AD.

It is believed that people ate flatbreads with toppings during Ancient Roman times by taking ingredients directly on top of bread dough before baking it. People would also bake different kinds of flatbread over hot coals.

However, as we know it today, Pizza was not documented to have been eaten until around 1889!

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