Is Aarhus Worth Visiting?

There are several beautiful places out there with unique touristic features. Visitors always have a list of features they want a city to meet up with or possess before they can venture to visit.

This list, among other requirements, usually includes safety at the top before adding any other parameter. 

We have heard of many travelers’ experiences during their visits to famous cities like Paris in France, Beirut in Lebanon, Beijing in China, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Barcelona in Spain, Florence in Italy, Kyoto in Japan, and many others. 

But if you are fed up with visiting some of these popular cities, here in this article, we will expose you to yet a fantastic city you should consider visiting this year.

Is Aarhus worth visiting? From the experience of many of its visitors, Aarhus is a city you will regret never to have seen.

Where is the city of Aarhus?

Where is the city of Aarhus

Originally called Århus, now popularly also spelled Aarhus, this beautiful city is found in Eastern Jutland in Denmark. It lies along Århus Bay, with an extensive harbor. Although evidence of a Viking village has been discovered near the outlet of the now-covered Aarhus stream, its origin is typically unknown.

If you have ever heard of the “World’s Smallest Big City, “that is what the citizens of Aarhus call the city.

Denmark’s second-largest city but not the second-best, is easy to handle and fall in love with. You will enjoy a pleasant three-hour train ride from Copenhagen; the city is worth a stop.

The city, unofficially called the “Capital of Jutland,” hosts about 1.2 million inhabitants. When you get here, one of the things that will help you blend with the natives is knowing how to pronounce the name; it’s pronounced ‘Or-hoose,’ not ‘Are-hoose.’ Though it is the second-largest city, it is the best in Denmark.

Why should you visit Aarhus?

Why should you visit Aarhus

You are already wondering why you should consider visiting the city of Aarhus. There are many reasons Aarhus will make you want to visit the city many more times after your first visit.

We will take you some of the most notable reasons in this article, and when you finally see the city, you will discover many more. 

1) There is a Christmas Market.

The city possesses the characteristics of a unique museum. Moreover, it is located not far from its central shopping district.

There is an electric collection of buildings all over Denmark from the 1500s until today. It has an open-air museum, Den Gamely By, and features about 75 historic houses.

The streets are winding and medieval. You will be able to find a 1940 ford motors dealership as well. 

You will also find a charming recreation of 1980 travel agencies far from the town. The inhabitants usually transform the Old Town center into a lovely Christmas market during the winter. You will find all sorts of roasted chestnuts, mulled wine, and other Christmas delicacies.

There’s also a Christmas bar celebrating the beloved Danish tradition of Yule Beers and a museum of Christmas and quaint shops selling traditional Christmas ornaments and books.

Modern art lovers are not left out, for there is a fascinating ARoS Aarhus Museum, with all manner of arts and cultural displays.

2) Top music festival.

Top music festival

 The city hosts one of the best music festivals in Denmark. Though a relatively new music festival about a decade old, it has already become one of the citizens’ favorite events. 

The music festival has welcomed some of the most famous international and local artists. Many people come from all over the world to witness their favorite musicians perform live.

3) Excellent cuisine.

Aarhus cuisine is a significant aspect that most travelers look out for. But if food is your thing, this city has got you covered. There is a variety of classic Danish meals which you will find in Aarhus. 

The city is brimming with high-end restaurants, elegant eateries, and charming cafés. Aarhus Central Food Market is a destination for several vendors serving delicious local fare. You will discover Aarhus’ diverse cuisine scene by strolling through the Latin Quarter in the city center.

4) Nearby beaches.

Did the features above attract you, and do you doubt the best time to visit Aarhus? Then, the Summer season is one of the greatest times you can try, not just because of the over 15 hours of daylight but also because there are so many beaches to choose from. 

The most incredible thing is that they are close to the city center and accessible by bus or bike. However, you may want to take a break from sightseeing and relax at Bellevue Beach, Den Permanente Beach, or Mariendal Beach while exploring Aarhus’ beautiful surroundings.

5) National parks.

Aarhus is a rich city when it comes to national parks. For example, Mols Bjerge National Park is a lovely area to visit on a day trip from Aarhus. Djursland is just 25 minutes outside the town and has 250 kilometers of shoreline where you can hike.

 You can also visit the amusement park, zoo, or glass museum. Samsø island is a beautiful island with gorgeous scenery where you can take a day’s trip, providing a great relaxing location.

6) It’s a utopia for millennials.

Aarhus does not only possess features for leisure. If you are searching for some of Denmark’s greatest universities, Aarhus is your best destination. Many locals and international students flock to the small Scandinavian town to pursue their education. As a result, Aarhus has become a hotspot for millennials looking to avoid crowded cities.

7) A bustling nightlife.

A bustling nightlife

This beautiful city boasts a vibrant nightlife with a wide range of options for night lovers of all ages and tastes. There are classy cocktail bars, cheap bodegas, nightclubs, and everything around the city.

 You’ll find a spot that meets your taste, whether seeking a quiet area to enjoy a nice beer or a crowded dance floor to dance the night away.


You can’t possibly get the best experience from the stories of those who have experienced what Aarhus can provide. There is more you can see than hear, and there is much more you can get from stories you hear about a place. The one last word for you is planning and visiting Aarhus and then being the storyteller. You will have a beautiful experience you will always love to share.

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