How Much Money Do You Give As A Wedding Gift In The Philippines?

When it is time for giving out the wedding gifts, everyone will wonder just how much he should shell out as an expression of his support and well wishes for the newlyweds.

Whether you are providing gifts for your friend or relative’s wedding, it is essential to know and understand Filipino customs and traditions regarding gift-giving. Given below are some guidelines:

The thing about weddings in the Philippines is that there isn’t a set amount of money given as a gift from any invited people to the event.

On the other hand, money gifts in small denominations like P1,000 or 5-P500 notes are often passed around among guests who attend weddings and anniversaries.

These bills are folded into beautifully decorated envelopes with the couple’s names written. Some people also give wedding souvenirs like picture frames, porcelain plates, and photo albums.

When it comes to weddings, no amount is considered too much.

The more significant the amount you give as a wedding gift, the more favorable people will look upon you and your family.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to giving wedding gifts in this country because the Filipino culture is such that it emphasizes quality and not quantity.

Indeed, weddings in the Philippines are occasions for celebration and having fun, and that’s why money gifts should be given with this spirit of happiness and joy.

As we said before, there isn’t a set amount, but we can give you some ideas just to give you an idea.

Usually, people give P10,000 to P20,000 as a wedding gift. It is not so much the amount that matters because it all boils down to how much you can afford.

However, if you are a close friend, higher amounts are expected due to your closeness.

You can also give something other than money gifts. To name a few, you can give the couple some appliances like TVs and DVD players or home furniture like dining table sets or cabinets.

You can also use gadgets like cell phones, laptops, digital cameras, and video games. Or you can opt to give clothes as wedding gifts to the couple.

What is the proper cash amount for a wedding gift?

People watching a wedding Manila Cathedral

A wedding gift is a kind of “thank you” for inviting you to the wedding.

It’s common in many cultures, including Filipinos, for wedding guests to bring a small token of appreciation on the big day.

But if no one gives you guidelines about how much money to give as a wedding gift, it can be hard to know how much to spend.

A wedding gift doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be something you would enjoy receiving.

Of course, some people do give cash as a wedding gift. For many Filipinos, every occasion is an opportunity to give money in envelopes.

So if you want to follow the local custom of giving money on a special occasion, just observe what other guests are giving and go from there.

How much money to give as a wedding gift in the U.S.?

In the United States, only cash gifts at weddings are usually given by immediate family members. Generally, you should stick to something around $100 or $150 per couple invited to the wedding.

This is a typical amount for wedding gifts in any country.

Most people give cash as a wedding gift because it’s easy and can be used for anything the newlyweds need, from paying bills to buying kitchen appliances or home decorations.

Is money an appropriate wedding gift?

The short answer is yes. Some people don’t give cash as a wedding gift because they think it’s not romantic, but this is simply their preference.

The couple will appreciate your thoughtfulness, whether you give money or something more traditional like crystal vases or silver candlesticks.

When is the appropriate time to give wedding gifts?

wedding celebration in the Philippines

Traditionally, wedding guests give their gifts to the couple during the reception or sometime later that evening.

You can hand your cash envelope directly to the bride or groom, or you might want to put it in a card and ask one of the ushers to pass it along for you.

The bride and groom may even make a special announcement thanking all their guests for their wedding gifts at some point during the reception.

What is the best way to gift money?

If you’re stuck on what to say when giving money as a wedding gift, just write a short, sweet note inside the card.

It is unnecessary to write much; simply something like “Best wishes for your life together” will do.

Is 500 enough for a wedding gift?

Whether you give US$500 or US$5,000 to a couple on their wedding day depends on your relationship with the family.

For example, if your first cousin is getting married, you may want to stick closer to US$500 because that’s an appropriate amount for relatives. If it’s some guy you barely met through your golf league, you can go with the higher amount.

While there are no official rules regarding how much money to give as a wedding gift, sending US$500 is most likely overkill if you don’t even know the bride or groom that well.

If you’re unsure what is appropriate regarding wedding gifts, ask one of the bride’s relatives. She may give you a better idea of what other people usually give.

How much money should I spend on a wedding gift?

For Filipino weddings, you’re expected to give around US$50-$75 for normal relatives or friends and closer to US$100-$150 for essential family members, godparents, or close friends.

Of course, if you can afford to give more, that’s perfectly fine. Remember that your gift should reflect your relationship with the bride, groom, and their families.

Who pays for the wedding in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, it’s a bit complicated. The bride and groom usually contribute equally to all wedding expenses, even if they live in different cities or towns.

This means that their parents have to share transportation and lodging costs if one party lives far from where the couple plans to wed.

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