Best 37 Outdoor Activities to Do in Norway

What should you do when visiting a new country? Well, that depends on your interests and schedule. If you love hiking, there are plenty of options for you to choose from (which I’ve already listed above).

Furthermore, if you love fishing as a sport and want to spend the day doing something different and exciting, then going on a guided tour is right for you!

Finally, if you plan to visit Norway in the winter months, you will not want to miss out on dog sledding. It’s a fun and exciting activity to try while traveling in Norway!

If you are looking for something else to do during your trip, why not look at my other travel articles? There is no doubt that I have covered just about every activity there is to do in Norway, so if you prefer some other type of entertainment, then you are sure to find something of interest here.

This list of the Best 37 Outdoor Activities to Do. It includes some of the most popular activities in Norway, as well as a few hidden gems that will make your trip one-of-a-kind.

1) Rafting on the Sjoa River  

Rafting on the Sjoa River

The Sjoa is one of Europe’s most popular white-water rafting rivers. It is also the most significant and longest river in Norway. The Sjoa River starts up high in the mountains of Romsdalen, just south of Dombås. From there, it winds its way down through a landscape that keeps changing from one moment to the next. This wild ride won’t disappoint!

2) Climbing Stabbursknuten

Stabbursknuten serves as a great introduction to the world of mountaineering in Norway. It is a short, accessible peak that will give you an overview of the stunning scenery up there on top. This hike is perfect for anyone who wants to try out this wonderful hobby. It is also a great way to work on your mountain skills with a small group of people who will help you out if anything goes wrong.

3) Bungee Jumping at Voss

What better place to jump off something than the site of the largest waterfall in Norway? In fact, this is one of the most popular places for bungee jumping in all of Europe … and it’s easy to see why! Its proximity to the world’s largest waterfall makes it a must-do in Norway.

4) Rafting on the Alta River

The Alta is another excellent river for rafting fans. It is a beautiful river that offers a lot of variety. At times it is smoothly flowing, and in other parts, it gets rough and exciting. The Alta River starts up high in the mountains and winds it’s way down where the Alta Fjord meets the Arctic Ocean.

5) Kayaking on the Nærøyfjord

The Nærøyfjord is a fjord that cuts its way into the mountains of western Norway. The scenery here is spectacular, and it’s hard to look away from these magnificent surroundings. On a sunny day, you will have clear views of the snow-capped peaks high above, as well as the waterfalls cascading down from them. The fjord is a great place to kayak and get up close with nature, so hop in your boat and explore!

6) Hiking on Trolltunga

Hiking on Trolltunga

Trolltunga is one of Norway’s most spectacular hikes. It is also one of the most famous tourist attractions in Norway. But don’t be fooled because although this hike is very popular, it remains somewhat of a hidden gem. The walk starts up high on the mountains and winds down to where it ends on a giant rock overlooking Lake Ringedalsvatnet. It is a long but wonderful hike that will give you views unlike any others in Norway.

7) Kayaking on the Lysefjord

Kayaking on the Lysefjord

The Lysefjord is a beautiful fjord that cuts its way into the mountains of western Norway. Its proximity to Stavanger makes it an ideal place to kayak. You can take several different paths, most of which will provide you with a unique experience. The fjord is perfect for kayakers because it offers calm waters and rough waters, and everything in between!

8) Climbing Ulriken

Ulriken is the highest mountain in Bergen (1200m), and it is also one of the most popular hikes in Norway. The hike to the top will take you up an elevation gain of 1200 meters, but don’t worry; you can still stop now and then to enjoy the view. On clear days you may even be able to see all the way into Sweden from up there. Don’t leave Bergen without doing this hike!

9) Hiking on Mount Kjerag

At just 10km from the Lysefjord, you will find Norway’s most famous hiking peak: Mt. Kjerag. This is a breathtaking sight that should be on every hikers’ to-do’ list. The hike to the top is long (over 8 hours), but it will fly by quickly because you are hiking up an elevation gain of almost 1100 meters. Hike to the top and enjoy the view from Kjeragbolten, Norway’s most famous photo spot!

10) Climbing Pulpit Rock

Climbing Pulpit Rock

Pulpit Rock is a large rock that stands out from the Lysefjord. It is approximately 200 meters tall and is a classic sight to see in Norway. 

The hike up to the top takes about 2 hours, and you will be rewarded with spectacular views of the surrounding fjord. What better place to have a picnic?

11) Walking on the Oldest Railway in Norway

Nordvestlandet is an island in Nordfjord, and its largest town is Stryn. In nearby Flåm, you will find the world’s steepest railway, from which you can view many of Norway’s famous fjords. Climbing 116 meters in just 2 kilometers is no easy task, but the spectacular views of the Førdefjord and surrounding mountains are worth all the effort!

12) Hiking on Romsdalseggen

Romsdalseggen is a ridge that separates the Romsdal Valley from the rest of Norway. It is one of Norway’s most famous hikes, and with good reason! This walk will take you through many unique experiences. The hike itself is not too long, but it will still challenge you physically. The best part about this hike is that you will be rewarded with views of the Romsdal Valley like nowhere else.

13) Kayaking on the Geirangerfjord

Kayaking on the Geirangerfjord

The Geirangerfjord is one of Norway’s most beautiful fjords and, without a doubt, one of the most famous sights in Norway. The scenery is stunning, and you will be amazed at how blue the water truly is! This fjord is also very popular among kayakers. If you are looking for something a bit more extreme, take the Litlverivatnet route that leads you through some of the most impressive sights around.

14) Hiking on Galdhøpiggen

Hiking on Galdhøpiggen

At 2469m, Galdhøpiggen is the highest mountain in Norway. As if that wasn’t enough, it is also one of the most famous hikes in Norway. Hiking here can be challenging because of its extreme elevation gain (over 1000 meters), but if you are looking for views like no other, this hike will show them to you!

15) Going on a Snowmobile Ride

Going on a Snowmobile Ride

Are you interested in winter tourism? Are you looking for a great ride through the snow? Well, then look no further; Norway is home to some of the world’s best snowmobile tours. The Dovrefjell National Park is located about an hour and a half outside Oslo, and it offers so much more than just fantastic scenery. There are also husky and reindeer tours to do!

16) Snowshoeing on the Lyngen Alps

The Lyngen Alps are found in Troms, Norway’s northernmost county, conveniently only about a 2-hour drive from the capital city of Oslo. These mountains are not only a popular destination for winter sports; they are also perfect for snowshoeing. One highly recommended hike is the Snowshoe Roundtrip from Jiekkevarri, which will take you along a scenic coastline and through some of Norway’s most beautiful nature!

17) Going on a Fjord Cruise

Going on a Fjord Cruise   

Norway is home to some of the most beautiful fjords in the world. These fjords are not only breathtaking, but they also attract thousands of tourists every year. The best way to see these magnificent sites is by booking a cruise through them. You can find cruises that explore numerous fjords and visit many different towns. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking, and the tours are a great way to see Norway’s famous fjords!

18) Going on an Arctic Safari

If you want to experience wildlife in its natural state, this is one of the most exciting things to do in Norway. In Troms, you can find The Arctic Safari that offers a wide variety of activities such as snowmobiling, ice fishing, and reindeer rides. This is one tour that you will not want to miss!

19) Going on a Whale Watching Trip

Going on a Whale Watching Trip  

Norwegian coastal waters offer some of the world’s best whale-watching opportunities. Humpback whales are most common, but there is a good chance you will be able to see minke whales and even orcas. Booking a whale-watching cruise is one of the best things to do in Norway, especially if you want to capture some fantastic pictures!

20) Climbing Mount Fløien

Fløyen is a well-known mountain in Bergen. It is located at 710 meters above sea level, and by the top, you’ll be at an elevation of 670m. This makes the trip relatively short and easy. Many travel here because of its fantastic views; furthermore, this is a great way to see the beautiful Fjord City from a new perspective!

21) Going on a Ski Trip

Skiing is one of Norway’s most well-known winter sports. The good thing about skiing in Norway is that you don’t have to go to the mountains (unless you want). There are plenty of places where you can do it as a sport and as a leisure activity. Skiing can be done on the many ski slopes of Holmenkollen (boots and skis are available for rent), at Tyinkrysset, or in Ekebergparken. In Voss, you can even go skiing almost all year long!

22) Going on an Ice Breaker Cruise

Cruise ships are back and more popular than ever. The best way to see the beautiful Norwegian Fjords is by booking a cruise that explores them. In Bergen, you can find an ice breaker ship called MS Nordstjernen. This is one of Norway’s oldest cruisers, which offers daily tours of the Bergen harbor, Vågsfjord, and the stunning mountain scenery of Fjærlandsfjorden.

23) Going on a Dog Sledding Trip

Who doesn’t love dogs?! Well, if you don’t love dogs, you will when you are on a dog sledding trip in Norway! This is an exhilarating activity that will surely get your heart pumping. Most tours depart from Oslo and include an overnight stay at a cabin where you can enjoy some delicious meals – all cooked by the welcoming locals! If dogs aren’t really your thing, you can even ride a reindeer!

24) Going on a Midnight Ski Trip

The best way to end (or start) your day is with an exciting ski trip at night! In Oslo, take the Gondola lift up to Blåbjerget or Tromsø and enjoy yourself under the night sky. This will give you a new perspective of the city lights and the surrounding area while allowing you to do what you love most: skiing.

25) Going on a Ski Tour

Here is another excellent way to enjoy Norway’s spectacular nature in winter! A touring ski trip offers many advantages over your traditional downhill skiing. For starters, it is a lot safer and more accessible, as you are always going downhill. Furthermore, you can enjoy the scenery and nature year-round because you have four-season access to most of these areas!

26) Going on an Arctic Hike

Looking for some amazing views? If you are, take a hike through the stunning Arctic landscape of Rondane National Park. It is one of Norway’s oldest and most famous national parks. The best way to explore this fantastic area would be with an experienced guide who can point out all the hidden gems along the way.

27) Going on a Wildlife Safari

In Svalbard, you can find polar bears, reindeer, and walruses. In Rana, you can see whales. 

And in Tromsø, you might catch a glimpse of the Arctic fox. 

If you want to see some beautiful wildlife, don’t hesitate to book one of these safaris! If you’re going to make it a truly unforgettable experience, book a trip that includes staying overnight in a lodge, such as the fantastic Kirkebukt Gjestehus.

28) Going to an Arctic Market

If you are into arts and crafts, don’t miss out on visiting one of Norway’s many beautiful markets! There are plenty of fairs and markets that offer stunning works of art, as well as delicious food. One of the most popular is the Arctic Market in Longyearbyen, Svalbard. It’s a must-visit if you really want to get to know the people who live here and enjoy their culture.

29) Going on a Bike Tour

Want to see some of Norway’s best attractions while having fun and staying fit? Hop on your bike and enjoy the beautiful ride! You can choose many tours, but one that we definitely recommend is the Kongsberg-Oslo tour. This tour offers a lot of exciting attractions, such as the Kongsberg Silver Mines and the Håkonshallen.

30) Going on a Ski Sledding Trip

If you really want to have some fun this winter, book yourself a trip with one of Norway’s fantastic ski sledding companies! It is one of the craziest and most fun things you will ever do!

31) Going on a Snowshoe Tour

Enjoy your winter activities without having to worry too much about the cold – with snowshoes; you can enjoy your favorite hills and mountains even when there is snow on the ground. And if you are lucky, you might even spot some reindeer or red foxes on your way!

32) Going to a Ski Resort

If you’re looking for an activity that will get you out of the city and help you enjoy Norway’s natural beauty, then check out one of these fantastic ski resorts. Lillehammer, which hosted the 1994 Winter Olympics, has 19 ski resorts to choose from. In Hafjell, you will find a lot of challenging runs and three fun parks. (If you want to explore further, there is also Gudbrandsdalen, which was voted one of Norway’s prettiest areas.)

33) Going on an Ice Fishing Trip

Going on an Ice Fishing Trip

During the winter, there is a lot to do near the many lakes and rivers of Norway. If you are a fan of fishing, then why not book an ice fishing trip? You will get to enjoy beautiful nature while staying active and having fun!

34) Going on an Anglers Day Trip

This activity is perfect for those who love fishing. You will get to enjoy beautiful nature without having to go too far away from civilization, and you don’t even have to bring much of your own gear – just some bait and a rod! It won’t cost you very much either – as it is included in this guided tour with Fjord Tours.

35) Going on a Semi-Submersible Boat Trip

If you want to see some of Norway’s most famous natural attractions from an exciting, new angle, then book yourself one of these unique tours! It is not only great for adults – children will love it too! If you are interested in wildlife photography, then this is a tour not to miss.

36) Going on a Winter Festival

Many winter festivals in Norway will help keep you entertained over the colder months. If you want to have fun while staying active and enjoying some great views, then we suggest going down one of these winter festivals!

37) Going on an Ice-Caving Tour

Going on an Ice-Caving Tour

This is one of the unique tours in Norway! You get to experience some of the country’s earliest history by traveling into a glacier – and you don’t even have to go very far! Tours are available near Geilo, Os , Skåbu , Aurland, and Fjærland.

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