Top 25 Tourist Attractions in Denmark (with Pictures)

Denmark is one of the countries in Europe that attracts many tourists. It is a popular destination for tourists worldwide, with lush forests, deep fjords, historical towns, and castles from ancient sites to modern attractions.

The most famous attractions are the Little Mermaid Statue, “The Mermaid Girl,” the Rosenborg Palace, or The Royal Theater.

The beauty of this country is not limited to buildings or monuments but also to attractions that visitors can enjoy; it includes many castles, museums, churches, and beautiful medieval cities.

Thus there will be no shortage of water parks, which are popular tourist destinations.

The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, is a great city to visit. (If you are looking for the best cities in Denmark, here are the top 21).

The country is small, so there isn’t much travel involved to experience all of Denmark’s attractions. If you plan on visiting, here are our top 25 tourist attractions that you simply can’t miss.

We guarantee there are at least five or six that you have not thought of yet!

Tourist Attraction Places you may visit:

1) Little Mermaid Statue.

Little Mermaid Statue, Denmark
Little Mermaid Statue

This statue is a representation of the classic fairytale, The Little Mermaid. As one can tell by her long flowing hair and fishtail, she has made an unnatural sacrifice to attain something great: immortality with love for all time!

The iconic work was created by sculptor Edvard Eriksen who also designed many statues like Copenhagen’s bronze horse.

The Little Mermaid is located at the end of the city’s harbor, now known as “Little mermaid island,” created especially for her.

Visitors can be photographed with or without her and buy replicas of their pictures everywhere in Copenhagen.

This statue is famous because it inspired new stories like TV cartoons and comic strips. It also inspired a song by legendary fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen, which became popular worldwide!

2) Rosenborg Castle

Rosenborg Castle

It is rumored that this castle was built in 1460 by King Christian I to serve as his summer home. Today Rosenborg Castle overlooks the city center and is one of Copenhagen’s most visited tourist attractions.

You can tour its many rooms that have been converted into a museum where you will learn about all of Denmark’s history.

The castle conserves the Danish Royal Regalia, which the monarchs used since the 14 th century. This includes royal crowns, swords, and even a wand crafted exclusively for Queen Margrethe II!

If you are lucky enough to visit this castle during its summer garden schedule, take a stroll through its Tulip gardens and other beautiful gardens surrounding the castle.

3) The Danish Historic Museum

The Museum’s mission is to preserve the memory of a time when it was possible to combine the culture of Denmark with that of its neighboring countries in peace, mutual respect, and artistic achievements, whether in science or art. This historic building hosts a museum that can capture any person’s imagination, no matter their age.

The Museum has featured displays from various historical periods: Ancient Denmark, Viking, and medieval times and collections of glass art, silver, and ceramics.

In addition to exhibitions related to old artifacts are also plenty of special events regularly held at the Museum: lectures, concerts, and performances.

4) The Royal Theater

This theater opened its doors in 1788 but closed during World War I to be reopened only in 1927! Tourists flock here not just because of the historic building but also for its very modern productions.

The most famous production is Hamlet, the most extended showing play of all time in Denmark. Actors worldwide fly to Copenhagen to perform in this historic building that is as beautiful on the inside as it is outside.

This theater’s productions are also very diverse and appeal to various audiences, which explains why it has become one of Copenhagen’s top tourist attractions!

5) The Marmorpalais

King Christian IV built it in 1606 as part of his expansion in Copenhagen. It consists of two identical wings joined together by a central position to form a palace with two courts and an inner courtyard.

Christian IV, the absolute monarch of Denmark, built this Palace for his many visits to Copenhagen. In 1795 it became the Royal Hotel but was converted again into Marmor Palais in the 19 th century. Visitors who enter this historic building will fully appreciate its beautiful interior with large, majestic mirrors and many luxurious details.

From the central courtyard, we can admire a pond with a fountain featuring figures of Neptune, Triton, and other sea monsters. Also in this courtyard is a bronze statue of King Christian IV, which Bertel Thorvaldsen created in 1838.

6) Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens amusement park

This very well-known amusement park was first established in 1843! Thanks to its beautiful gardens and unique attractions, it has always been a great family destination.

Formerly, it was only a tiny garden with a few rides, but today, Tivoli is a park full of fun for all ages.

From the moment you enter the park, you will notice beautiful flowers and trees alongside statuesque monuments like The Singing Fountain (where water shoots out of a lion’s mouth), The Fountain of Mystery (where water flows from the mouths of laughing children and clowns) and The Royal Carousel.

There are also plenty of rides, like the famous Tivoli rollercoaster, bumper cars, a jungle boat ride through an island full of animals, a Ferris wheel with amazing city views, and many other rides for kids that will surely delight them.

7) Nyhavn Harbor/Canal

Nyhavn by sunset

Many tourists love to visit this part of Copenhagen, where all the beautiful colorful houses form a charming harbor full of restaurants, shops, and cafes. If you are lucky enough to travel on a warm day, you will see many people enjoying their boat rides in the harbor and walking by its water’s edge.

One of the most popular attractions is Freetown, where many street performers and artists are draped across every corner! These artists will also paint on your face for a small price if you ask nicely.

There are also plenty of souvenir shops that will surely delight anyone looking for a memento of their trip.

Many famous movies have been filmed in this area, such as Sherlock Holmes and The Game of Thrones.

8) Søerne Lakes

Small bridge in park zone of Copenhagen

This is a group of lakes located in the western part of Copenhagen. They are surrounded by beautiful forests full of nature and wildlife and are great for hiking, biking, or sightseeing on a boat tour. You will see plenty of people picnicking along the banks while listening to live music played by some local musicians.

In total, this area has three lakes: Sortedam, Peblinge, and Søerne. The waters that fill these lakes come from a nearby river that runs through the city. There is also a beautiful garden next to the lake called Rosenborg Bughave Garden, filled with roses of every color and other flowers and trees.

9) Christiania

Freetown Christiania

This self-governing neighborhood in Copenhagen was established in 1971 by settlers who occupied abandoned military barracks. The community formed here has its own constitution, flag, currency, and even stamps! This place was named ‘Freetown Christiania’ because of its liberal lifestyle.

Today this community is a popular tourist destination with its unique culture, houses made of wood, and even a very colorful flag! Many people visit this neighborhood to see the graffiti art or simply walk around the canals to admire its eclectic styles.

However, you should know that Christiania is technically illegal since it does not have permission from the government to reside there. So if by chance the police catch you entering this place, which they often do, they will charge you a fine or even arrest you! So please be cautious of these laws when visiting this area. They are strictly enforced.

Since this place is not officially recognized, it can be hazardous to visit at night since it’s filled with criminals and drug addicts. So I do not recommend visiting Christiania unless you go during the day while it is open, and even then, use caution.

10) Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek Garden

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek Garden

This is the most beautiful and historic public garden in Copenhagen. It was established by a wealthy brewery owner, Carl Jacobsen (founder of Ny Carlsberg Brewery), who created this fantastic park with an Egyptian Theme.

Today, many locals consider it the best place to visit during springtime when its gardens bloom. Many people come here to have a picnic or take some time to relax in the sun.

You will find statues and sculptures of Egyptian art from thousands of years ago and beautiful fountains, lakes, and ponds that fill this park with tranquility and splendor.

Admission to the park is inexpensive and free for children, so it’s an excellent place for families or couples to visit. I highly recommend this garden as one of Copenhagen’s many hidden treasures.

11) Christianborg Palace

Aerial view of Christiansborg Palace

This is the official residence and workplace of Queen Margrethe II, along with the rest of the royal family. It is located in central Copenhagen, one of the most famous tourist attractions to visit during your vacation!

Many different shows are performed here for tourists, and an excellent museum explains this Danish royal family’s life, traditions, and celebrations.

If you have younger children, be sure to take them to the Amalienborg Playground on the western side of this castle. This playground is designed to look like a fairy tale; it has plenty of castles and bridges for children to climb all over.

It’s a great place to take your children during the summer, and even though it is located inside Christianborg Palace, admission is free for everyone. However, this playground gets very crowded, so you may have to wait in line to enter at certain times of the day.

12) The Round Tower

The Round Tower

This is a well-known landmark structure in Copenhagen that was built back in 1642. It is the oldest functioning observatory tower built by Christians all over Europe. This tower has been visited by countless princes, kings, and even notable figures such as Albert Einstein.

Today it is open to the public for those who wish to climb its 365 steps that take you up high into the sky, where you will have a panoramic view of Copenhagen’s city center. I highly recommend visiting this tower because it is a truly remarkable place to stay.

13) The Marble Church

The Marble Church

This church was built in 1730 by King Christian VI due to a royal architect named Nicolai Eigtved. It is considered one of Copenhagen’s most beautiful churches, and it is even nicknamed “The Marble Church” because of its unique interior design made from white and blue marble.

This church was built to honor King Frederik V’s deceased wife, Queen Sophie Magdalene, his beloved queen for many years. Her sarcophagus is displayed inside the Marble Church at the end of the main hall.

It was built in neoclassical style; an interior made out of Carrara marble can be seen inside and outside. This church has also been well known for its many funerals that have taken place within its walls for Denmark’s royal kings and queens.

14) The Blue Planet Aquarium

Blue Planet Aquarium

This is the oldest aquarium in Copenhagen and boasts of being one of the best places to view marine life from all over the world!

You will find a wide array of sea creatures here, such as shark rays, otters, and even a beautiful collection of tropical fish.

This aquarium has a lot in store for every family member and is a great way to spend your afternoon sightseeing in Copenhagen! 15) Nyhavn Canal

Nyhavn Canal was built in 1670 to extend the harbor just north of this canal. This canal is located in downtown Copenhagen and has been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1995!

This was initially built for commercial use, but now you will find that this canal is filled with tourists, pubs, and restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat before continuing your sightseeing tour!

15) Christian IV’s Brewhouse

Christian IV was King of Denmark from 1588 to 1648 and was known for his great passion for beer!

Christian IV’s Brewhouse is the oldest brewery in all of Scandinavia, and it has been brewing Danish beer for over 400 years. They are known for their award-winning lager, first introduced in 1859 and still produced today!

This brewery offers tours to learn about the history behind Denmark’s oldest beer and how it is produced.

If you want to tour this historical place, I recommend booking online in advance because tickets sell out fast due to their popularity! If you don’t have time for a guided tour, then at least stop by their gift shop to pick up a six-pack of your favorite Danish beer and enjoy it at one of the nearby restaurants.

16) LEGO House

Lego House building

This LEGO house is made of Lego bricks, not confused with LEGOLAND theme parks. It is located in central Copenhagen and has been called “Denmark’s most photographed attraction.”

That being said, this place will make for a fantastic photo opportunity so that you can capture something truly unique and a little off the beaten path!

This LEGO palace is quite large, so it may take an hour or two to explore everything this place offers fully. I recommend planning your visit here in advance by purchasing tickets online because they often sell out quickly. Think of it like going to Disney Land or Disneyland.

17) Copenhagen Opera House

Copenhagen Opera House

Of course, no fun things to do in Copenhagen would be complete without mentioning this architectural masterpiece!

This opera house is the latest addition to Denmark’s largest harbor, where you will find some of Copenhagen’s most famous attractions.

Architect Jean Nouvel designed the building and opened its doors in 2005. It is one of the most renowned opera houses in all of Scandinavia, and it has been voted as one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe!

I don’t think I need to say much else about this place. Still, you should visit the Copenhagen Opera House when visiting Copenhagen, Denmark. You won’t regret it because this place is astounding!

18) Thorvaldsen Museum & Sculpture Garden

Thorvaldsen Museum

This Museum was established back in the year 1848, and it primarily focuses on artwork. The most famous pieces featured at this Museum are terracotta works from the 19 th century, and you’ll find that these pieces are on display inside the sculpture garden.

The sculpture garden was built in the early 19 th century and is home to some of Denmark’s very oldest sculptures. Among the most popular pieces you’ll find here are the first statues created by Bertel Thorvaldsen.

This Museum is a great place to visit if you’re interested in seeing artwork from some legendary artists. It is also located within walking distance of the beautiful Rosenborg Castle.

19) Langelinie Promenade

copenhagen kobenhavn denmark

For those who enjoy water activities, this beach will be a great place to visit! You can rent bikes, scooters, and rollerblades here while enjoying the view of the Copenhagen harbor.

Besides being a tourist destination, Langelinie Promenade is used for special events and festivals during summertime. It has been listed on the Danish registry of protected sites and is famous for locals to hang out.

If you want to experience what it feels like to be a local for a day, make this place one of the stops on your sightseeing tour! Langelinie Promenade is located just south of the entrance to Copenhagen Harbor along its west side.

20) Copenhagen Central Library

Copenhagen Central Library

This library was recently updated in 2013 and boasts of being one of Denmark’s most modern libraries. It has an abundance of books that any Danish citizen and other items at your disposal can borrow.

They also offer books in different languages and an extensive map collection, which is excellent for those traveling and needing help on your route. If you’re looking for a quieter place to study, I recommend checking out this library when you are in the area!

The Copenhagen Central Library is located just northwest of Kongens Nytorv (a beautiful square), and it’s also very close to Amalienborg Palace, where Queen Margrethe II resides.

21) Legoland theme parks

LEGOLAND theme parks

Several Legoland theme parks are located worldwide, but I have only visited Billund, Denmark. This is the first theme park that I ever saw back when I was much younger, and most of my friends who have been to this particular Legoland all agree with me that it’s one of the best parks in Europe.

The Danish Legoland has an abundance of rides that people of all ages can enjoy, so it’s a great place to take kids. There is also an indoor waterpark where people can go swimming regardless of the weather conditions outside, and there are many shows that children can watch at this park.

There’s a reason why Legoland parks have been voted as some of the best theme parks in Europe for several years running! I recommend visiting this amusement park if you’re looking for fun on your trip to Denmark.

22) Amager Beach Park

You should visit this place if you enjoy spending time at the beach! It is a great place to spend your summers and offers something for everyone. (There are plenty of outdoor sports, indoor activities, food vendors, and more!)

You can find Amager Beach Park located on Amager Island in southern Copenhagen. It boasts Denmark’s largest artificial beach and is the perfect place to relax on a lovely sunny day.

If you’re looking for a unique and exciting place to visit in Copenhagen, this beach should definitely be checked out when planning your itinerary!

23) Black Diamond Galeriet

The Black Diamond Galerie is located on the second floor of a factory building used as an armory. Nowadays, it’s an art gallery that features numerous paintings by now famous Danish artists, and I have been here several times during my visits to Copenhagen.

Many people don’t realize hidden gems scattered all across the city were used as underground bunkers during World War II. This is something unique you can experience during your visit!

24) Hans Christian Andersen Museum

If you’re a fan of the works of famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, I highly recommend visiting this Museum. It is dedicated to his many writings and displays countless works from Denmark’s most celebrated authors. Unlike other museums that charge a hefty admission price, it is very affordable to visit this Museum.

If you’re familiar with the works of Hans Christian Andersen, then you will be very pleased (and I’m sure a bit shocked) to see how small his actual writing desk was! It brings you back to realize that he accomplished so much despite having limited resources and facilities during his day.


What’s unique in Denmark?

Denmark has two extraordinary things: Copenhagen is a bicycle city, and Danish food culture is protected by law.

Are the attractions above free?

All tourist spots in Copenhagen are free of charge, except for Glyptoteket and Christiansborg Palace, which require tickets purchased online before visiting the attractions.

Is English spoken in Denmark?

Most people can speak English, and most signs are written in both Danish and English.

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