Japanese cat cafes feature cats as their main attraction, as the name suggests. These establishments can be found all over Japan, and they offer visitors a unique opportunity to interact with cats in a relaxed setting.

Most Japanese cat cafes charge an admission fee, which typically includes a specific time with the cats. In addition, many restaurants also sell food and drinks.

This makes them a great place to take a break from sightseeing or work and relax with some furry friends.

The popularity of Japanese cat cafes has led to their spread to other parts of the world, including some locations in the United States and Europe.

What is the history of Japanese cat cafes?

What are Japanese Cat Cafes? (And Why you should Visit one)

As we all know, Japan is a country that loves its cats. However, because of the lack of substitutes for cuddling and company (and simply not having enough room for cats), there were many cases where abandoned cats would take shelter in crates or boxes for warmth.

In recent years, cat cafes have been multiplying throughout Japan as a place where people can come to drink coffee and spend time with cats in a relaxed setting.

The first cat cafe, named “Neko no Jikan” (translating to “Cat Time”), opened up in Osaka, Japan, in 2004.

Ever since then, this unique business model has been increasing in popularity all across the country.

What are Japanese Cat Cafes like?

Cat cafes in Japan are very similar to other unique coffee shops, except with one main difference: cats.

People come to the cafe to spend time with the cats, play with them, and simply watch them roam freely while drinking their coffee or eating snacks.

Some cat cafes have an area where the cats are free to roam around while people enjoy their drinks, while others have a separate room where the cats are separated from the main cafe.

How much do they cost?

Depending on the location and style of cat cafe you go to, prices may be slightly higher than your average coffee shop.

At Neko, no Jikan in Osaka, a standard hour of cat time costs about 1000 yen (or ~$10) and includes an optional drink as well as an unlimited amount of snacks.

Are they only in Japan?

While most Japanese cat cafes exist throughout Japan, several can be found worldwide, such as those inspired by the famous “Neko no Jikan” in Osaka.

How many types of cats are there?

There are all kinds of different breeds, sizes, temperaments, and colors of cats at Japanese cat cafes.

They range from highly docile to more active, playful, or independent some even have a mix between the two qualities! Your best bet is to go and see them for yourself!

What are the benefits of visiting a Japanese cat cafe?

Apart from simply being able to pet, cuddle, and play with some cats in a relaxed setting, there are many other benefits to visiting Japanese cat cafes.

They can provide relief for people who work long hours and may not have enough time to take care of their own cats or simply people who cannot have pets in their homes.

Japanese cat cafes can also help provide a more relaxed and comfortable environment for those living alone and allergy sufferers who typically avoid animals at all costs.

What are some things I should be aware of before going?

If you’re visiting a Japanese cat cafe for the first time, knowing a few things before heading in might be helpful.

First, always make sure to call and ask if they are currently accepting any new customers as some cafes can be pretty small, so they may quickly reach their maximum capacity.

Second, avoid visiting during peak hours (usually during the weekend) as it can get very crowded, noisy, and chaotic. Finally, always be aware of the cafe’s rules before entering some places may not allow outside food or drinks, for example.

Why do they have cat cafes in Japan?

Cat cafes are popular in Japan. Cat cafes originated in Taiwan and then spread to other countries, including Japan.

Some people believe cat cafes became popular because Japanese apartments usually forbid pets, so people who like cats weren’t allowed to keep them at their homes.

If you want a cat but can’t have one at your apartment or house, you can visit a cat cafe.

What can you do at a Japanese cat cafe?

You can usually buy food and drinks at a Japanese cat cafe for the cats. You can also pet the cats and play with them.

In some cases, you may be able to adopt one of the cats from the cafe. Some cafes also offer classes on how to take care of cats.


There are many cat cafes in Japan, but the most popular ones are probably Tokyo.

For example, the Neko JaLaLa cafe in Akihabara is always crowded with people, thanks to its unique design that features many cats roaming around.

There’s also the Cat Cafe Calico in Shinjuku, one of Tokyo’s most famous cat cafes and is always filled with feline friends.

Many countries have cat cafes in different cities. The United States does not yet have official cat cafes, but some places offer “cat rentals” where you can pay to play with the cats for an hour.

These places don’t really count as they aren’t permanent establishments dedicated to the well-being of cats and people who love them.

Do Japanese people actually have pet cats?

Yes, many Japanese people have pet cats, and they love them very much.

In fact, 20 million pet cats live in Japan today, a very high number compared to pet dogs.

This is probably because apartments and houses in Japan usually don’t allow pet dogs, but they do enable pet cats.

So, cat cafes are a place where people can enjoy the company of cats even if they can’t have them at home.

What is the difference between a Japanese cat cafe and an American one?

The main difference between a Japanese cat cafe and an American cat cafe is that Japanese cat cafes are permanent establishments dedicated to the health and well-being of cats, while American ones aren’t.

In America, you can pay to play with cats for about an hour in particular “cat rental” places called “cuddle parties.”

Cat cafes like Neko JaLaLa are permanent establishments with a wide variety of services, including places to have meetings or study.

They also provide special foods and drinks for the cats and cat toys and accessories for sale.


Hopefully, this article has given you a little more insight into what Japanese cat cafes are like! Be sure to check out your local restaurant and experience it for yourself!

Thank you for reading our article on Japanese Cat Cafes! We hope you had a lot of fun and learned a few new things along the way.

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