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We all have distinct attributes, and one of those attributes that characterize us is our height. However, height varies around the world. So, as a result, you may be wondering what is considered tall in the Philippines?

The Filipinos have different considerations of what is tall for females and males. Generally, women above 5’5 to 5’7 feet tall and men above 6 feet are considered tall in the Philippines. However, the average height in the Philippines may influence their view of what is tall.

Besides discussing what is considered tall in the Philippines, let us walk you through some of the tallest Filipino basketball players and the tallest men in the Philippines.

What is Considered Tall In the Philippines?

What is Considered Tall In the  Philippines?

What a particular nation deems tall is a little bit tricky to answer.  This is because – in addition to the subjective response the question requires- the country of origins plays a considerable role in what is considered tall. (Visit also our article about height in Japan.)

For instance, every country has its own average height. As a result, some nations have a greater average height than others; some reside more or less between the average global height, and others fall on the shorter side of the scale.

When it comes to the average height in the Philippines, they certainly fall on the shorter end of the scale. In fact, according to some sources, Filipinos are among the world’s top five shortest people. To narrow in on Southeast Asia, the Philippines has the second shortest height in that region, only after the Indonesians.

The average height in the Philippines is 156.41 (5 feet 1.57 inches) or (5 feet 1.5 inches) for both men and women,  depending on the source referred. The average Filipino man has a height of 163.22cm (5 feet 4.25 inches); whereas, Filipino women have an average height of 149.60cm (4 feet 10.89 inches).

Because the data cited are averages, it’s crucial to understand that not everyone in the Philippines is the same height as the average. Many people are on the upper or lower end of the average height statistic.  So, this means people who are slightly taller than average still may not be considered tall.

In addition, because what is deemed tall is subjective,  it is often hard to define an exact figure. However, there seems to be a general consensus of what height range is considered tall. For example, women who are 5’5 to 5’7 feet tall and above, and men above 6 feet tall are generally viewed as tall in the Philippines.

Tallest Filipino Basketball Players

Filipino Basketball Players

Considering the Filipino’s love for basketball – and I do mean they love their basketball – it is only reasonable to look at some of the tallest Filipino basketball players out there. Right? The first on the list is Edward Joseph “E. J.” Feighl, born March 27, 1970. 

Although he is retired, he ranks as one of the tallest Filipino professional basketball players in the PBA. He is of German Filipino descent, stands at 7’1″ tall, and has competed in many international competitions. So, he has certainly reached some impressive feats (excuse the pun).

Next on our list is Kai Zachary Perlado, who was born May 11, 2002. He is a professional basketball player and stands at a whopping 7 feet 2 inches.  This Filipino native has a heavy burden since he is hoped to be the next great Filipino basketball player. 

Kai Sotto moved to the United States from the Philippines to pursue his dream of becoming the first homegrown Filipino to play in the NBA. Another name on our list is Greg William Slaughter, born May 19, 1988. 

He stands at an impressive 6 feet 11 inches and has previously played at the starting center for the Sinag Pilipinas team, which won the 2011 SEA Games and 2011 SEABA tournament.

So the question is, which came first, the egg or the chicken? To put it another way, did their height cause them to become great basketball players, or did the basketball playing come first, which was aided by their height?  

Just kidding, these men have incredible talent and have put in a lot of work to get to where they are. They have shown dedication, perseverance, and immense promise and have certainly made their country proud.

Tallest Man In The Philippines

This question was a little tricky to answer because there isn’t much credible information to determine who is the tallest Filipino man with certainty.  However, reports often suggest an actor and former basketball player, Raul Dilo, as the tallest man in the Philippines.

But, if you search closely, you’ll find some accounts of Willliam Biscocho being the tallest man in the Philippines. William Biscocho stands at a towering 7’4″ and is less well known than Raul Dilo. 

Although William Biscocho stands at a phenomenal height, it certainly has its drawbacks. William Biscocho suffers from a condition known as gigantism. This condition leaves him hunching over and impairs his movements.

On the other hand, Raul Dilo is often referred to as t Philippines’ tallest man. However, he stands at 7’3″, one inch less than William Biscoco. Raul Dilo is an actor who has been in several well-known films and is frequently cast as “kapre” or Gigante. 

He was also a former basketball player who played for the University of the East Red Warriors during his college years. His basketball career did not succeed, though. So whether he is cited as the tallest man due to his fame is not entirely clear; what is clear, however, is that these two men are certainly quite tall.


Although what is considered tall in the Philippines is subjective, there is a general consensus as to what height range may be regarded as tall. So, if you fall somewhere near this range, expect some people to comment on your height or not say anything at all because to them, you may just be bordering tall.

Also, some well-known basketball players are far above the average height—their height and choice of sports mix quite well. In addition, two men may be considered the tallest men in the Philippines—these men, whether well known or not, definitely will be regarded as tall.


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