Hey friends, I’m Alessio!

I’m an Italian soul with a heart that beats for adventure – both in the digital world and on the open road.

Born under sunny Italian skies, I now happily call the world my home as a digital nomad.

My career journey has taken me from traditional corporate offices to the exciting landscapes of online marketing and SEO.

After honing my skills in the UK and France (shout out to my sister Michela, who still resides in charming Fontainebleau!), I embarked on my digital marketing quest nearly a decade ago.

Alex Deidda

Those office days did refine my palette – I was a chef at Di Loretta in Paris serving up authentic Italian fare! But I yearned to break free from the daily grind and get back to my exploratory roots.

So I dove headfirst into mastering SEO and helping brands thrive online, eventually lending my skills to the awesome team at LUSINI.com. This transition to full-time digital marketing unlocked the freedom I was seeking!

Now when I’m not optimizing sites, you can find me cultivating my own little digital gardens:

  • LoveForTraveling.com – Travel tales and marketing musings
  • AlessioDeidda.it – My Italian home base
  • AlessioDeidda.com – Professional notes and networking

Or get my visual take on global adventures on my YouTube channel Love For Traveling. I try to capture the cultures, landscapes and faces that make this world so special. Subscribe if you like seeing things through my lens!

These days, I split my time between the neon lights of Asia – Tokyo, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Bali – and my family back in Italy. I can’t resist Asian street food and epic night markets! But Sardinia’s sea views and countryside villas always call me back.

One especially memorable voyage was visiting Tokyo after my Di Loretta days to see my colleague Giulio. Immersing myself in this futuristic city and new culture was an experience I’ll never forget!

I love connecting with kindred spirits about our shared passion for marketing, travel, and making the most of life! Let’s swap stories and perspectives. You can find me on Instagram and LinkedIn or my Contact Page.