Best Jobs to Travel Internationally: Top 12 (+1)

As someone who’s always dreamed of seeing the world while working, I know what you might be thinking – is it possible to find a job that allows you to travel internationally? Well, I’m here to tell you that it is!

In this article, I’ll share the best jobs that allow exploring different countries and cultures while still earning a stable income. Prepare to break free from the ordinary and satisfy your wanderlust with these exciting travel careers. Explore job opportunities for travel lovers and discover the many travel jobs waiting for you.

12) Athletic Recruiter

Athletic Recruiter

The role is compelling and multifaceted in the dynamic world of athletic recruitment. As an Athletic Recruiter, your job involves an exciting blend of sports, travel, and the pursuit of new talent. The professional journey often takes me nationwide to various educational institutions and sports events.

The Athletic Recruiter’s schedule can be likened to the rhythm of a basketball game: unpredictable and fast-paced. Each day presents a new challenge, a new city to visit, and a new talent to scout. The role requires constant motion, mirroring a soccer ball in a high-energy game.

Adventures come in all forms, such as soaring through the skies to a basketball tournament in another state or driving down the highway to a neighboring town’s soccer match. These trips aren’t mere travels but quests for the next big athletic superstar.

The athletic recruitment profession is small, often crossing paths with other travel enthusiasts. Flight attendants, tour guides, and fellow recruiters are familiar faces bound by a mutual love for exploration and adventure.

If the thrill of sports is combined with the passion for travel, the result is a career in athletic recruitment. It’s a profession that offers both the adrenaline rush of a game and the freedom to traverse new territories. For those who seek excitement and the desire to see the world, this dream job awaits.

The following are critical aspects of a career in athletic recruitment:

  • Primary Role: Scouting new athletic talent
  • Work Environment: Fast-paced and constantly changing
  • Travel: Regular trips to different cities, states, and schools
  • Interactions: Connections with other travel enthusiasts
  • Pros: Combines love for sports and travel
  • Ideal For: Individuals craving excitement and exploration.

11) Childcare services

Childcare services

In the realm of travel-related occupations, the role of an au pair shines as a beacon of opportunity. Being an au pair entails residing with a host family in a foreign land, offering childcare services, and assisting with school tasks. This position serves as a cultural immersion gateway and provides a golden chance to acquire significant experience handling children.

Globally, myriad opportunities beckon prospective au pairs, offering an attractive spectrum of benefits:

  • Competitive annual income
  • Exploration of uncharted territories
  • Formation of enduring bonds with host families

To discover au pair positions, potential candidates can navigate the seas of online platforms, collaborate with agencies dedicated to au pair placements, or network within the au pair community.

However, it’s crucial to remember that specific countries might harbor unique prerequisites, such as acquiring a work visa. Therefore, substantial research and preparation become indispensable if you wish to embark on this rewarding journey.

Regarding financial rewards, au pairs typically fall within a certain income bracket. This job, akin to a two-way street, not only lets you leave indelible imprints on a child’s life but also provides a ticket to global exploration.

Thus, the au pair role embodies contrast – a fulfilling profession and a unique travel opportunity. Like an open book, the job invites you to pen your own story, learn from every page, and enrich your life chapter by chapter.

10) Building Careers in Construction

In pursuing a career in the dynamic construction industry, one might be journeying across vast geographical terrains.

A career in construction, akin to a global passport, not only paves the way for international travel but also unfurls a wealth of robust job opportunities. The industry presents a wide range of roles, extending from the helm of managing construction projects to the technical expertise of a civil engineer.

To present a clear picture, consider the following potential job roles within the construction industry:

  • Construction Project Manager
  • Civil Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Site Manager

All these roles promise the exhilaration of travel and a stable financial ground.

The demand for seasoned construction professionals is soaring in the current global scenario. This influx of opportunities presents a fertile ground for gaining invaluable experience, securing competitive remuneration, and exploring diverse cultures and landscapes.

To depict a potential scenario, if one chooses to step into the shoes of a construction professional, then the world transforms into a vast architectural playground.

However, it’s crucial to remember that every silver cloud has a touch of grey. While the construction industry offers abundant opportunities, it also demands high resilience and adaptability.

In essence, carving a career path in construction can be likened to constructing a global bridge. Each project, a new puzzle piece, contributes to the grand design of one’s professional landscape. Each destination, a further cultural immersion, adds a unique color to the mosaic of one’s life experiences.

9) Consulting Jobs

Consulting Jobs

Embarking on a journey as a consultant can be likened to stepping onto a global stage, leveraging your expertise to craft tailored solutions for organizations in various corners of the world.

Consulting jobs offer a fascinating opportunity to combine travel and expertise, resulting in an extraordinary professional journey. In a consulting career, knowledge and exploration combine to create a unique and fulfilling experience.

  1. International Business Consultant: Pioneering the role of an International Business Consultant entails chartering unfamiliar territories and serving numerous companies across the globe. The critical responsibility involves guiding these companies through international business intricacies. Regular travels to diverse locations make up a significant part of the role to meet clients and deliver astute advice to enhance their operations.
  2. Digital Nomad Consultant: The advent of remote work has given birth to the Digital Nomad Consultant. If you do this hat, geographical boundaries cease without a stable internet connection. This role serves as a passport to explore new territories while maintaining the delivery of top-notch consulting services.
  3. Language Consultant: Wearing the mantle of a Language Consultant requires a high level of proficiency in a foreign language. Your task as a Language Consultant is to enable companies to establish effective communication with international clients or penetrate new markets. This role is a ticket to globe-trotting adventures, offering opportunities to immerse in various cultures.

Consulting jobs could be the golden ticket if you’re armed with the necessary education credentials and seek a career that combines the thrill of adventure with the satisfaction of problem-solving. These roles offer a promising job outlook and the potential for an attractive median salary. They serve as a testament to the fact that professional growth and personal freedom can indeed co-exist.

8) Hospitality Industry Roles

Hospitality Industry Roles

Global exploration and cultural immersion form integral parts of a career in the hospitality industry. The author’s journey in this field has spanned across diverse countries, cultures, and roles.

In this realm of opportunities, individuals can intertwine their wanderlust with their service-oriented nature. For instance, a travel blogger can paint the world with words, communicating their experiences and insights to a global audience. This role is akin to being a wandering poet, narrating tales of their travels for all to read.

Alternatively, one could become a tour leader, turning into a cultural shepherd, guiding flocks of travelers through the intricate tapestry of world-famous destinations. This role allows for a deep dive into the ocean of varied cultures, akin to a cultural anthropologist.

For those with a penchant for children, an au pair position awaits. One would provide childcare services by living with a host family in a foreign country. This role resembles living as a global citizen, nurturing future generations while experiencing different cultures.

For the linguistically talented, becoming a translator or a travel agent can unlock a treasure trove of travel and cultural experiences. This role is like being a key holder, opening the doors of cultural understanding for travelers.

Additional roles in the hospitality industry include:

  • WWOOF host: Be a part of the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, promoting sustainable living.
  • Seasonal resort worker: Experience the seasonal rhythms of tourist hotspots.

7) Travel Industry Jobs

Travel Industry Jobs

In the diverse realm of the travel industry, a career as a flight attendant often catapults professionals to unprecedented heights of international exploration. This exhilarating journey, while serving as a global ambassador in the air, can be summarized by three main pillars:

  1. Unparalleled Travel Perks: Like a golden key, a flight attendant’s career unlocks the door to free or significantly discounted flights. This notable benefit enriches the flight attendant’s life with cultural immersion and extends to their family. Imagine, if a new destination is on your bucket list, a flight attendant’s privilege can turn it into reality without straining your wallet.
  2. Global Human Interaction: Each flight in a flight attendant’s schedule is a melting pot of diverse cultures and personalities. The opportunity to interact with passengers, ranging from business moguls to enthusiastic vacationers, spans different countries. Such varied interactions can pave the way for lasting relationships and meaningful connections.
  3. Job Satisfaction and Flexibility: In sharp contrast to the 9-to-5 grind, the life of a flight attendant embodies freedom and flexibility. Flexible schedules and the liberty to select assignments provide a perfect balance, allowing flight attendants to chase their passions beyond their work-life boundaries.

For those who harbor dreams of navigating this dynamic industry, it offers the tantalizing prospect of unearthing new countries, forging connections with various individuals, and embarking on distinctive adventures.

Let’s delve into three captivating opportunities that this industry offers:

  1. Role of an International Tour Guide: Embodying the role of a tour guide, individuals navigate tourists through globally renowned travel destinations. The setting could range from a pulsating metropolis to an idyllic hamlet, and the guide assumes the responsibility to disseminate their profound knowledge and enthusiasm for the country they’re stationed in.
  2. Journey as a Peace Corps Volunteer: If one is driven by a mission to impact lives positively, then a stint as a Peace Corps volunteer might be the ideal path. Assignments often span two years, an ample duration to acclimatize oneself to a new country, master the local language, and contribute to community development initiatives.
  3. Experience of a Cruise Line Worker: The panoramic view from a cruise ship serves as an enticing workplace for many. Cruise lines proffer various roles, from dining staff to entertainment crew, opening doors for individuals from diverse backgrounds to earn a livelihood while traversing multiple ports of call.

These opportunities above serve a dual purpose. They offer a platform to explore an array of countries and experience a melting pot of cultures and equip individuals with invaluable work experience, financial empowerment, and unforgettable memories. Hence, if the allure of travel, juxtaposed with the hospitality industry, resonates with your career aspirations, these intriguing options deserve earnest consideration.

6) Diplomacy and International Relations Careers

International Relations Careers

Is the path to fulfilling a diplomacy and international relations career within your reach, filled with global travel and cultural immersion? Diplomacy consistently offers the chance to experience life in foreign lands. It is an opportunity to traverse language barriers, conquer visa limitations, and immerse oneself in diverse cultures while establishing new connections.

Such career paths necessitate a high degree of flexibility, adaptability, and robust communication skills. Occupying the role of a diplomat or a foreign service worker, one can engage with foreign governments, building bridges of relationships and voicing the interests of their homeland.

Alternatively, one could serve as an international aid worker, helping nations in distress and aiding their residents in their journey to recovery. If one chooses a career in diplomacy and international relations, it presents a unique blend of a love for travel and an aspiration to impact the world positively.

Advantages Challenges
Cultural exploration Overcoming language barriers
Making global connections Navigating visa restrictions
Flexibility Embracing adaptability
Global travel opportunities Mastering communication skills
Advocating your nation’s interests Engaging with foreign governments

If you find yourself drawn to the labyrinth of international relationships, then a diplomacy and international relations career could be your compass. If the idea of cultural immersion appeals to you, then the hurdles of language barriers and visa restrictions could transform into exciting challenges. If you have a penchant for adaptability and effective communication, then interacting with foreign governments could be fulfilling.

Contrasting the diverse opportunities and challenges in this field, diplomacy, and international relations career is like a ship sailing in the open sea, filled with unpredictable yet exciting waves of experiences. The world becomes a tapestry, and the career path lets you weave your unique threads into it.

5) Arts and Entertainment Industry Jobs

Arts and Entertainment Industry Jobs

In the dynamic arena of international tourism and hospitality, the Arts and Entertainment industry unfurls a vibrant tapestry of opportunities for those individuals fervently seeking an amalgamation of creativity, travel, and vocational fulfillment.

From freelance photography to acting, from teaching English to guiding tours, the industry has many roles that invite you to delve into diverse cultures while engaging in artistic pursuits.

Embracing the role of a freelance photographer, one can harness their creative potential to seize breathtaking terrains, pulsating cityscapes, and the rich tapestry of diverse cultures on a global stage. Given the perennial allure of unique visuals at tourist hotspots, if one is armed with adept photography skills, a world of opportunities opens up to display their talent and simultaneously satiate their wanderlust.

Acting, another intriguing avenue, offers roles across diverse platforms like stage, film, TV, radio, and animation. By portraying various characters, actors can immerse themselves in varied cultures, often contrasting the familiarity of their roots with the novelty of new environments.

For enthusiasts with a penchant for pedagogy, the roles of an English teacher or a tour guide may provide an adrenaline rush. Upon acquiring an International TEFL Academy certification and polishing writing skills, one can traverse different countries, illuminate students with the nuances of the English language, and soak in the local culture. As a tour guide, the opportunity to shepherd tourists through renowned travel destinations, imparting knowledge while traversing bustling metropolises or quaint villages, becomes a reality.

The Arts and Entertainment industry extends its reach to service-related occupations as well. For example, working as a stagehand or a roadie can support theatre productions and touring musicians. This role offers the electrifying experience of accompanying live performances across varying venues.

The Arts and Entertainment industry is a treasure trove of opportunities for individuals with a zeal for creativity and exploration. From photographers to actors, teachers to guides, resources, and roles abound to fuel artistic pursuits while traversing diverse cultures globally.

Thus, if you yearn for a career offering the freedom of expression, the thrill of adventure, and the liberty to ignite your creative spark, then the multifaceted opportunities in the Arts and Entertainment industry await your exploration.

4) Language Services Careers

Language Services Careers

Building upon the preceding discourse on the Arts and Entertainment sector, careers within the Language Services realm serve as pivotal conduits, bridging cultural chasms and fostering effective global communication.

The following three reasons elucidate why an individual might find a career in Language Services both fulfilling and rewarding:

  1. Spectrum of Opportunities: Careers within the Language Services arena deliver an expansive array of possibilities, encompassing translation, interpretation, and language instruction. If an individual yearns to delve into diverse facets of language proficiency and pedagogical prowess, this variety paves the way for career progression and personal evolution.
  2. Interactive Engagement: Language Services careers necessitate direct engagement with individuals from many backgrounds. If an individual utilizes linguistic abilities to enhance communication efficacy and foster understanding, this interactive task can yield profound connections and forge impactful bonds.
  3. Continuous Learning: A career in Language Services demands perpetual learning and consistent assimilation of language trends and cultural subtleties. If an individual embraces this ceaseless educational journey, it can spawn opportunities for personal enhancement and honing interpersonal and customer service skills.

To encapsulate, careers within Language Services present a dynamic and fruitful trajectory for those individuals who harbor an enthusiasm for languages and cultural interchange. These careers are a beacon of communication and cultural comprehension, rendering an indispensable service while enabling individuals to work professionally and personally. Like a linguistic bridge, this path connects diverse cultures while fostering personal and professional growth.

3) Outdoor and Adventure Jobs Roles

Outdoor and Adventure Jobs Roles

Venturing into the domain of Outdoor and Adventure Sports Roles, a fervent explorer like me finds limitless horizons for global travel. Traveling the world and doing outdoor activities is super exciting! The following three roles encapsulate the enticing fusion of adrenaline, exploration, and the spirit of adventure:

Scuba Diving Instructor: Plunge into the ocean’s abyss as a Scuba Diving Instructor, imparting knowledge of diving fundamentals. Traverse the concealed segments of the marine realm, whether the kaleidoscopic coral reefs of the Maldives or the haunting shipwrecks in the Caribbean.

Ski Instructor: Merge your affinity for winter sports with the prospect of international travel as a Ski Instructor. With vacancies in ski resorts globally, you can carve your path on the snow-blanketed slopes of the Swiss Alps or New Zealand’s picturesque peaks.

Adventure Tour Guide: Spearhead exhilarating excursions across awe-inspiring landscapes as an Adventure Tour Guide. From navigating the historic Inca Trail in Peru to paddling through the serene fjords of Norway, you can impart your outdoor expertise to enthusiastic adventurers while soaking in Mother Nature’s glory.

Embarking on these Outdoor and Adventure Sports Roles, you can lead the lifestyle of a location-independent professional, traversing the world while experiencing unparalleled liberty. If you can instruct scuba diving in the Maldives or ski in New Zealand, the horizon of possibilities expands infinitely.

2) Writing and Communication Jobs

Writing and Communication

In Writing and Communication Jobs, an individual finds a unique narrative, a tapestry of words woven with creativity and research skills. With a global reach, these roles present the chance to deploy marketing prowess and storytelling abilities across international borders.

For instance, as a travel writer, an individual can disseminate their expertise about sought-after travel destinations via freelance work, thus serving as a reliable compass for globetrotters. This role transforms the world map into a playground, offering exhilarating exploration opportunities.

The benefits of these jobs include:

  • Resume enhancement
  • Financial rewards
  • Independence

Moreover, they demand a suite of skills:

  • Organizational skills
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Time management
  • Budgeting

However, if one immerses themselves in these roles, cultural adaptation and the potential for culture shock might become part of the journey. Despite these challenges, the liberty and thrill of these roles, like an adrenaline rush from a roller-coaster ride, render them genuinely rewarding.

In the vast sea of Writing and Communication Jobs, one sails on a vessel powered by words and creativity. While the water may sometimes get choppy with cultural differences, the sun of opportunity shines brightly, making the voyage worthwhile.

1) Transportation Industry Careers

Flight Attendant

A constellation of opportunities beckons the adventurous spirit in the vast universe of transportation industry careers. The following three options serve as luminous examples:

  1. Flight Attendant: Stepping into the shoes of a flight attendant, you gain the privilege of soaring through the skies, touching down in a kaleidoscope of cities worldwide. Every day unfolds a new chapter, teeming with cultural diversity and fresh faces. With the added benefits of free or discounted flights for the flight attendant and their family, this career path paints a vivid picture of exploration that rewards financially.
  2. Pilot: Assuming the role of an air pilot, you become the navigator of ethereal journeys, safely transporting passengers or cargo from one location to another via air travel. This role allows you to witness breathtaking vistas from takeoff to landing while commanding a formidable aircraft. The pilot’s life is a tapestry of new destinations and awe-inspiring views.
  3. Truck Driver: For those who resonate with the melody of the open road, a career in long-haul trucking presents a panorama of exploration. The truck driver, cradled by the solitude of the highway, journeys for days or weeks, feasting their eyes on the country’s diverse landscapes.

Suppose an individual embarks on any of these transportation industry careers. In that case, they’ll have the opportunity to venture beyond their home country to dwell in foreign locations for months or possibly years while earning a living.

However, it’s crucial to remember that these careers might require specific visas, qualifications, and licenses. If these prerequisites are met, then the dream job in the transportation industry becomes a tangible reality.

The flight attendant’s life buzzes with constant interaction and cultural immersion, while the truck driver’s existence thrives on solitude and the hum of the highway. The pilot, meanwhile, straddles these extremes, commanding a vessel through serene skies and touching down in bustling terminals. Each career path, though distinct, offers a unique lens through which to satisfy wanderlust.

In the tableau of transportation industry careers, whether you’re drawn to the azure sky or the sprawling highway, each role offers a unique narrative of adventure and discovery.

Top) Virtual Assistance and Remote Work Jobs

Virtual Assistance and Remote Work Jobs

The exciting realm of Virtual Assistance and Remote Work Jobs forms the core of this discussion. These opportunities, blooming with the rise of online businesses and the shift towards remote work, provide an unmatched dimension of flexibility and global mobility in one’s career.

The individual can choose to conduct work from anywhere worldwide, be it the cozy corner of their home or amidst the bustle of an exotic travel destination.

Like a nomadic entrepreneur, this freedom to wander and work opens the doors to new cultural experiences and creates a work-life equilibrium tailored to individual needs.

The table below presents a balanced view of this career choice:

Advantages Disadvantages
Setting a personalized work schedule Encountering challenges in securing reliable internet connections
Possibility to work from any global location Risk of loneliness and isolation
Absence of commuting hassles or office politics Requirement of self-discipline and motivation
Opportunity to blend work and travel The onus of finding suitable accommodation

Scouting for Virtual Assistance and Remote Work Jobs becomes an exploration, with platforms like FlexJobs and Dave’s ESL Cafe providing diverse industry opportunities.

These platforms act as bridges, connecting job seekers with employers hunting for virtual assistants or remote workers. If the individual capitalizes on these opportunities, then they have the potential to marry the thirst for freedom and travel with a fulfilling career, akin to finding an oasis in the desert of traditional jobs.

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