Can Japanese Students Live Alone? Get the Facts!

Japanese high schools are very different from American ones because Japanese students typically live away from their families to pursue an education.

Some excellent schools have on-campus dormitories, but most do not because the family will often try making alternate living arrangements while at school.

In the past, it was typical for youngsters to remain in their parents’ care until they married.

However, because of demographic changes and a growing desire for more excellent education, many children continue to attend high school after working or getting married.

While you don’t hear about it too often, many Japanese high school students live alone.

Do Japanese kids live with their parents?


Yes, kids in Japan live with their parents even after graduating from high school up to 18 while attending college or finding a job while living in specially assigned housing for students.

Most are not allowed to bring friends unless another student lives with their parents. It would be frowned upon if someone ran away from home and moved in with a boyfriend or girlfriend.  

In some cases, if children live with their parents until turning 20 years old and don’t have jobs, they may be asked to move out.

Why do Many Japanese Stay with their Parents until Marriage?

Most children live with their parents after graduating from high school up to 20 while they attend college or find a job while living in specially assigned housing for students.

Since the majority of 21-24 are still single and most people would not consider getting married before they are 25, some prefer to live with their parents rather than share a house with strangers.


No laws explicitly state an age at which one can move out from home, but if you want to rent a residence on your own once you turn 18, you need a contract from the guarantor, who is either a relative or a close friend.

Suppose you want to rent a residence by yourself when you are 21-24.

In that case, it’s challenging to be permitted your parents even if they accept it as long as they don’t feel secure about their financial position and whether you can support yourself.

If you move out from your parent’s house even though they oppose it, the family register is still in their home, so if you have a job or hospitalization insurance card with your old address, there will be some problems because the system wouldn’t work well.

However, once you get married and change your surname to your husband’s, the family register will be moved to your husband’s house, and you can easily change your address on various certificates if you inform them of the change.

If Japanese parents don’t want their children to move out of their homes, what can they do?

No laws directly state that a child has to live with their parents, but even if they decide to move out from their parent’s home, they can ask the child to move back.

If a child refuses even after that, their parents can file a lawsuit against the child and freeze their assets until they return home.

Some children decide it’s easier to follow their parent’s wishes or choose not to break the relationship with their parents even if they have grown up, so they can live with their parents until they get married.


Can Japanese students have Jobs?

Students over 18 years old do not have to live with their parents as long as they have a tenancy contract and a part-time job or work at school.

However, even adults who still live with their parents thought seeing an adult male still living at home would be unusual.

Daughters are often under the power of their parents until they marry or become nuns, but sons can live independently even if they cannot financially support themselves.

Can a 16-year-old live alone in Japan?

A 16-year-old junior high school student can’t move out of their parent’s home without their parent’s permission.

A 17 or 18-year-old junior high school student who graduates has the right to go to college with support from their parents, but otherwise, they have to stay at home until they are 20 years old, even if they are financially independent.

Do Japanese children go to School Alone?

Almost all Japanese children go to school alone from a young age. In many cases, especially for public elementary school students, they commute to school alone even if their parents drive them there.

Why do anime characters live alone?

Many anime characters live alone for various reasons, including having no parents or guardians, moving out from their parent’s homes as adults, etc.

However, some anime may talk about “moving out” from one’s home before you do it in real life.

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